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Congratulations for getting Australian Student Visa. You have made a very important life decision to Study in AUSTRALIA. 

Today I am going to highlight what every student going to Australia, will need to consider the following before traveling to Australia after getting their visa.


Check on Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO)

Once the consultancy notifies about your student visa grant, please ensure all your visa details and conditions are correct (including your passport details, date of birth and class of visa) by visiting the following link



Apply Unique Student Identifier (USI)

All students undertaking  a vocational course such as a Certificate or Diploma course, will need a USI number with effect from 1st January 2015. So after getting your visa, please register and ensure you have the USI number.

For more information and how to register please visit:



Attend Orientation Day

Attending orientation in any institute or university is mandatory. It is usually held many days prior to the actual commencement of classes. Thus, it is important that students read the information on the Offer Letter and check the college website to know more about the orientation date, time and location. Please do take your identification and educational documents along with you on the orientation day.


Australian Customs and Quarantine

Australia is one of the countries that has strict quarantine laws and tough on-the-spot fines. Every piece of luggage is screened, and it is mandatory to declare certain goods. If you fail to declare or dispose of any quarantine items, or make any false declaration,  you maybe fined  on-the-spot and could be prosecuted and fined more than AU$60,000 and risk 10 years in prison. So please declare  or dispose if you have any items listed below

  • Medical records if you are carrying any prescription medicines
  • Goods that may be prohibited or subject to restrictions, such as medicines, steroids, illegal pornography, firearms, weapons or illicit drugs
  • More than 2250ml of alcoholic beverages or 25 cigarettes or 25g of tobacco products
  • If you are carrying any foods make sure its properly packaged, labeled and is of good quality (commercial packaging)
  • Make sure not to include any meat products or any dairy products such as ‘durkha’


Documents to Carry

You should prepare a folder with your official documents to carry with you to Australia, including:

  • valid passport printed student visa copy
  • offer letter from your Education provider
  • Confirmation of Enrollment (eCOE) issued by Acknowledge Education
  • OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) policy
  • original or certified copies of your academic transcripts and qualifications
  • other personal identification documents, e.g. birth certificate, ID card, driver’s licence




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