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Shrijana Rai

GEMS is a very supportive and trustworthy consultancy.The staff in this consultancy are very friendly and supportive and I would prefer every student wanting to study abroad to seek advice from GEMS.

Anu Tamang

Thanks GEMS for all the support and co-ordination. And wanna thanks to all the staff members who were really delightful and friendly.

I really appreciate for all the things that helped me out under your guidance

Niranjan Sapkota

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Anusha Khadka

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Jagdish Bhatt

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Sulav Regmi

I was always highly interested in pursuing foreign education and that was like my dream. There are many consultancy in Nepal for foreign study. But GEMS is the best consultancy because the helping nature of each and every staff of GEMS is great.

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Sudip Dhoj Khadka

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Thank you so much GEMS

Anil Thapa