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OET is an English Proficiency Test specializing in particular professions including Nursing. In order to become a registered nurse in Australia, people are required to submit an IELTS score to show English competency or an OET score. OET provides a valid & reliable assessment of all four language skills- listening, speaking, reading & writing – with an emphasis on communication in healthcare professional settings.

OET is available for the following 12 professions-:

  1. Dentistry
  2. Dietetics
  3. Medicine
  4. Nursing
  5. Occupational Therapy
  6. Optometry
  7. Pharmacy
  8. Physiotherapy
  9. Podiatry
  10. Radiography
  11. Speech Pathology
  12. Veterinary Science

It is an internationally-recognized English language test for aspiring healthcare professionals who are looking to practice in a region where English is the primary language. OET score can be submitted instead of IELTS scores, we have seen many nurses struggling and giving up the chance to become a registered nurse in Australia and New Zealand. If you are facing the same situation, like being stuck on the same score and the same English level, why don’t you try to get a higher mark on the OET? The OET result is likely to be useful when you are applying for permanent residency as a proof of your English skill.



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