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Temporary Visas for Corporations

Temporary work subclass 400

This visa is for people who are commissioned for highly specialised work or if they are working in Australia’s best interest.

Temporary Activity Subclass 408

This is a temporary visa, allows certain people to visit Australia and undertake various short-term activities. The people from the following sectors can apply for this visa

  1. Invited Participants
  2. Sports
  3. Religious Worker
  4. Domestic Worker
  5. Superyacht Crew
  6. Exchange
  7. School exchange
  8. Special Program
  9. Australian government Endorsed events
  10. Entertainment

Training Visa Subclass 407

This visa is for workers who will be attending occupation training or professional development programs in Australia. This is a temporary visa,  the sponsorship must be approved by temporary Activities Sponsor.



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