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SOP is the foremost and the most important part to achieve your Australian Dream. The visa officer may decide to grant or to refuse the visa on the basis of the SOP. Therefore, you will need to write SOP with clear point of view which is persuasive, convincing and candid.  There are many areas that needs to be covered in SOP. It is always important to plan your

TIPS FOR WRITING SOP for Australian Student Visa

  1. Plan you SOP

Planning is one of the first stage of SOP writing process. You may have a lot of ideas and life experiences to include in SOP but with careful planning you can decide what you will need to include and what not to. It will help to decide the chronology in which you want to present your life and goals.

  1. Include Interest in SOP

Provide a brief background about yourself; your name, address, place of birth and the course you want to study in Australia. And don’t forget to mention how your interest in course started.

  1. Write about IELTS in Academic Background

You should include all the all the qualification that you have acquired i.e. SLC, +2, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and any other training course with the marks obtained and the name of the institute.  However, you must also make sure to add IELTS score and how you got the idea to do the IELTS test.

  1. Comparing different Countries is a must

Comparing different countries where your chosen course is provided is a must. So do not forget to compare the major abroad study destinations like USA. UK, Canada, Europe and so on.

  1. Explain why you do not want to study in Nepal 

You should list where the chosen course is provided in Nepal and give reasons why you do not want to study in your home country. You can compare the teaching techniques, the learning strategies, the infrastructure and so on in two countries. Remember, it is significant to persuade the visa officer that you would come back to Nepal in the future attaining the degree and gaining the experience from preferred country.

  1. Why the preferred course?

You should explain in detail why you want to study the course, what career plans you have and explain how much you can earn in remuneration after completing this course. Why there is a need for students who has gained international degree.

  1. You can include success stories too.

To explain more about your career plans you can include success stories about people who have gained reputation after completing their Australian Degree.

For example, the guy is interested in the Hospitality Management and wants to become a successful Chef in the top level. In the statement of purpose he mentioned and provides some pictures of Nick Baker and his business. “The owner of Nick Baker is an ideal person for me and I am fascinated about his story. He is a professional baker who is a qualified Chef from Australia. I also have a dream to become a successful Chef like him. Because if he can run his own business acquiring Australian degree then why not me?” So, this is how the visa is granted successfully as he has strong evidence of Nick Baker as well as the picture and the strong reason behind coming back to Nepal.

  1. Compare Colleges/ Universities in Australia 

You should always list different institutes/universities that provides your chosen course and justify why you have chosen this provider. You will need to compare the infrastructure, location, fees and the support they provide.

  1. Return Incentives

You must explain in you SOP the incentives to return back to your country. The reasons could be your family commitment, increased remuneration and the demand of internationally qualified and experienced worker to get a new perspective in the chosen field.

  1. Conclusion

Do not forget to include conclusion where you will need to mention the visa conditions you will need to abide by and most importantly summarize why you want to study the chosen course in Australia and convince the case officer that you are a genuine student who will then return to your home country . Make sure to provide genuine information so that the visa officer is convinced about the reason you provide




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