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According to a study conducted in 2018, four out of the top 10 destinations for international students are in Europe.

Cities such as London in the UK, Munich in Germany and, Paris in France, scored some of the highest points in the best student city ranking, and London is ranked the top destination for students in not just Europe but the world. Countries in Europe have always been known for their world-class education system, and now with more focus on scholarships for international students, Europe has started attracting more and more foreign graduates every passing year.

Why Choose to Study in Europe

There are many benefits of studying in Europe as it allows students to experience world class education at affordable costs, and a multicultural environment which will make you able to blend in.

  • Friendly People and Welcoming Culture
  • Lower Costs
  • High Standard of Education

Best Student Cities in Europe & Their Scholarships

1. Scholarships to Study in London, United Kingdom

London has been a hub for international education for many years. Students come from all over the globe to gain access to some of the finest educational institutions the city has to offer. Famous scholarships for international graduates include:

Gates Cambridge Scholarship – It is awarded to students with an outstanding academic record and who are pursuing their full-time postgraduate degrees at the University of Cambridge.

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship – It is awarded to a total of 30 international students who wish to study in Europe. The scholarship covers the difference between the fees charged to residents of EU/UK and that charged to international graduates.

University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships – This award is available in the majority of Sussex schools for students enrolled in the full-time Master’s Programs. The scholarship covers 50% of the international student fee.

2. Scholarships to Study in Paris, France

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship – The scholarship is offered by the ministry of France and is awarded to Master’s and Ph.D. Students who are coming to study in Europe. The scholarship includes a monthly allowance of €1,181 for master students and a monthly allowance of €1,400 for Ph.D. students.

University Of Paris-Saclay Scholarship – The scholarship includes a grant of €10,000 to cover a student’s study and accommodation expenses. The scholarship is awarded to 160 students each year and is an excellent source for attracting international talent.

3. Scholarships to Study in Zurich, Switzerland

There are some great funding opportunities in Zurich for students who wish to pursue their higher education in Europe. Two of the most popular ones include:

ESOP, Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Program – This scholarship covers living and tuition expenses for international students for up to a total value of CHF 11,000 per semester.

MSP, Master Scholarship Program –This award consists of tuition waiver along with partial funding for the student’s living expenses of CHF 6000. This provides a chance to many deserving students who wish but can’t afford to study in Europe.

4. Scholarships to Study in Berlin, Germany

One of the high ranked cities in Europe for international graduate schools, Berlin offers some great scholarship programs for foreign graduates who wish to pursue their higher education in Europe.

DAAD Scholarships – DAAD which is a German Academic Excellence Service, offers multiple scholarships for international students willing to complete their graduate programs in this city.

Erasmus+ – The grant is led by European Commission that funds international students to complete graduate and postgraduate study in Europe. The grants are aimed at covering the living costs of international students participating in the exchange programs at the University.

Europe is a great destination for international students for completing their higher education. If you have an excellent academic background and want to achieve your real potential, then you should find out more about all these great scholarship and funding opportunities that have been designed to help you complete your graduate and postgraduate studies at some of the finest universities in Europe.

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