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Legislation has been recently introduced related to the Partner sponsorship process. The new law has not yet come into effect however the Bill has been passed in parliament. It is not yet clear when the law will come into effect.

The new law will require sponsors to be approved first before the applicant can proceed to lodge a Partner visa application. This can result in lengthy delays overall for a Partner visa to be approved and for applicants who have limited time remaining on their current visa, a new visa application may need to be lodged to remain in Australia until a Partner visa application can be lodged.

If you are eligible to apply for a Partner visa it is best to apply now before the new laws come into effect.

Warning – the partner visa process has become complex over the last few years. Many applicants who are unaware of the specific criteria and legislation receive refusals as a result of attempting to lodge an application on their own.

Ensure your application is handled correctly by one of our Partner Visa Specialists. Call our office to discuss your relationship situation and confirm whether you meet requirements to safely proceed with an application.

Source: immiaustralia




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