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Hospitality Internship

Hospitality internships are the ultimate training grounds for a student hoping to manage operations in the food and beverage industry, hotel and retail guest services, and recreation. A hospitality intern knows that it’s all about the details. Restaurant positions, for example, require the utmost attention in all facets of the operation, from taking reservations and seating requests to catering to a customer’s dietary needs. Interns in hospitality are also crucial additions to the establishment’s community and culture. You may welcome guests at a hotel concierge desk, or perhaps you’ll work behind the scenes leading room inspections and tracking inventory. Whatever your role, you’ll be upholding a tradition of outstanding customer service and facilitating a memorable experience. Hospitality internships also promise room to grow into leadership and management positions. Flex your skills by overseeing your own staff, or promote your business through communications, marketing, and public relations. You’ll leave your internship with the organizational and interpersonal skills to make you a standout employee anywhere. Hospitality and tourism is a great field to have an internship experience abroad in. International hospitality internships offer you direct experience in hotels and the travel industry.

You will have the chance to work full-time on a wide range of tasks including planning, marketing, and customer service. At GEMS Group Services, we do our best to tailor each internship to your background and future career goals. Hospitality and tourism internships are one of our most popular fields and available in all of our locations. Find out more about hospitality and tourism internships we have abroad.

Our process

Click “Apply Now”, fill the form and schedule an interview to discuss your dream internship.

Registration fee can be paid through company account or Cash in Hand. The Registration fee is Rs 25000 can be used to balance the Internship Fees payable once the host company (Hotel, Resort, Restaurant) letter of Agreement is issued and agreed to joined by the applicant.

During your interview, one of our GEMS Group Services representatives will ask you questions about your background, past work experiences, internship preferences and goals.

Also do note that host does not guarantee applicant application is successful.

Once the announced successful applicant gain internship training with the host , a letter of agreement will be issued for the applicant to sign to confirm acceptance of internship training by host company.

Host company (Hotel, Resort, Restaurant) will issue the remaining required documents to GEMS Group Services to be provided to the applicants to apply the Training/ Employment Visa at the Embassy at Kathmandu. Applicant needs to acquire documentations form University/College to support the Training Visa.

Requirements to apply for the Internship program.

  • Age must be 21-28 years.
  • Age below 21 should require Letter of Guarantee.
  • Good personality
  • Degree from Hotel/Hospitality Management.
  • Letter from University stating that the applicant is undergoing 6 month /1 year internship training in Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia.
  • Must be able to speak and communicate in English


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