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There’s so much to do in Australia that you don’t want to struggle in finance department. The huge range of choices will make you  confuse what to choose. Here are some handy tips to save some of your hard earned bucks.

Saving on mobile bill

Studying in a foreign land can make you miss your  family and friends. You can however contact them without spending huge amount of money in your phone bills. Thanks to social media you can get updated about their well being and also share yours.

On of the most popular way to contact your friends and family are Skype, Facebook Messenger or Viber. You can contact via audio or video call. It’s free to install but you may have to pay for credit to call different countries to contact them on their phone call.

There are other applications like WattsApp, Line, SnapChat,etc to contact your family and friends.

It also good to compare different network providers in Australia to know which one offers more credit and gives you included international calls.


Working Rights in Australia

As an international students, you and your partner are allowed to work  while  the primary applicant is studying in Australia. However, there are some strict rules and regulations that needs to be followed. If you are the student then you can work for 40 hours per fortnight during the academic term and full-time in your vacation period. Please make sure to obtain confirmation of vacation period to submit it your employer.  If you are a secondary visa holder of student studying Master’s Degree or higher you can work for full-time. The minimum working wage in Australia is AUS$640.90 a week or $16.87 an hour. Please check Fair Work website to know more about how much you should get paid.

Everyday savings

When doing your weekly grocery shop, try Aldi shopping centre instead of  Coles and Woolworths or IGA. However, if you shop in Coles and Woolworths you can choose the Home Brand which is a budget brand and will save you a lot.  You can shop for vegetables in markets like Flemington and Park  Lea if you live nearby. For meat you can find meat wholesalers instead of buying meat from a supermarket – they can be closer than you think! There are plenty of products on sale every week in supermarket try to rake in the products when they are on special. Check in via apps, catalog or website for weekly special in your local supermarket.




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