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Student VISA Process

Apply for Admission in College/University

This is the foremost step towards your dream to study abroad. There exist hundreds of colleges and universities to choose among in New Zealand. You will find many colleges/universities offering the courses that you are interested in. The best way is to conduct research on the best universities and college in New Zealand offering relevant courses and shortlist a few of them. Afterwards, browse the website of shortlisted colleges and decided the one that you find suitable in terms of education quality, ranking, course structure, course fee and other facilities for international students.

Once you have decided what and where you wish to study, complete the application to the institution of your choice. While applying for admission, you will be required to submit a few documents, including the proof of your previous academic qualifications; and in the majority of cases, you need to submit a proof of your English language ability. Now wait for your offer letter to move towards the next step of your New Zealand Student Visa Process.

Admission & Visa Process:

  • Student has to choose an academic programmes and check the entry criteria.
  • We assist the students with completing the application form and guiding them for
    required supporting documents.
  • Once the application is made, expect to receive a response or an acknowledgement within a week or two. Outstanding documents will be requested (if required).
  • Once the application is done, it will be academically assessed and if you meet entry requirement, you will be issued with an Offer of Place and Tax invoice from a New Zealand Institute.
  • We then apply for your student visa with Immigration New Zealand.
  • After visa lodgment, a telephonic interview will be conducted by the designated visa officer
  • Once the visa is approved in principle, then the student must pay the course fees in full.
  • Immigration then completes the process and the student then receives the visa.


To get a visa to study in New Zealand you and the programme of study you intend to study
must meet Immigration New Zealand’s requirements. If you are enrolling in a programme of
study for the first time, you need to have an offer of place from a New Zealand education

Offer of a place:

An offer must include:
• The education provider’s name and contact details
• The name of the programme of study and the minimum time required for completing it, and
• Proof that the programme of study and programme of study provider meet New Zealand’s
requirements for international students, and
• The amount of the fee for the complete programme of study , or if the programme of study
is longer than one year, the annual fee, and
• Whether you have to pay tuition fees
• Whether the fees are domestic or foreign fees, and
• Whether the study is full-time or part-time, and
• Confirmation all requirements under the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of

International Students are met (including accommodation for under 18 year olds and
programme of study prerequisites).


Tertiary education providers can offer programme of study to international students if they
meet certain conditions.

  • Private training establishments (PTEs) can only offer international students approved
    programme of study that are longer than three months and registered with the NZQA. The PTE must be accredited by the NZQA to offer the programme of study.
  • Institutions including universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and wananga can
    only offer approved programme of study that are longer than three months and registered with the NZQA. The institution must be accredited to offer the course. The enrolment of an international student must not prevent a New Zealand student or an NZAP student from gaining a place at the same institution.


You have to meet our health and character requirements and prove to us that your intent is
genuine. Some people who have committed serious crimes will not be allowed into New
Zealand at all.


To gain a student visa we want to see that you are able to meet your living costs during your

Evidence may include:

• Enough money held in New Zealand by you, or on your behalf,
• A financial undertaking to cover your accommodation and living costs,
• Sponsorship by an acceptable sponsor to cover your accommodation and living costs, or
• Financial assistance available to you under aid programmes operated in New Zealand by a
government agency.


So that we are sure that you will leave New Zealand when you have finished your programme
of study, we will need evidence of how you will leave New Zealand. For example, we may
want to see travel tickets out of New Zealand to a country you are allowed to enter, or
evidence of enough money held in New Zealand, additional to the funds you'll need for your living expenses.


You must have a passport that is valid for at least three months past the end of your
intended stay.


Once you have a student visa, you must meet certain conditions during your stay. • You must
attend the place of study noted on your visa. However, you may apply to us to change your
programme of study and/or education provider.
• If you have to be accompanied by a guardian, you must live with that person.
• You must be able to show that you are passing your course and meeting your attendance
• You may only undertake work allowed by your student visa..

• You must obey New Zealand's laws..
• You must only stay in New Zealand for the time allowed by your visa..
• If you breach any of these conditions you may liable for deportation.
• Global Opportunities provides comprehensive assistance in compiling your student visa
application in order to submit this to the New Zealand High Commission. We have robust
systems in place to ensure that all information required is checked off and reconfirmed by
you. Global Opportunities only seeks to support genuine students with their study and career


SN Types of student visa Description
1 Fee Paying Student Visa Study full-time for up to four years and be able to work part-time
2 Exchange Student Visa Study full-time for up to four years for an approved student exchange program
3 Foreign Government Supported Student Visa Study full-time for up to four years on a foreign government loan or scholarship
4 Pathway Student Visa Study up to five years for 3 consecutive courses on a single student visa and be able to work part-time


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