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Study in Japan

JAPAN is more than 6,800 islands in the Pacific Ocean. The main islands Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, which makes for 97% of the land of Japan. Its population is more than 126 million. Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world. Japan’s climate is pleasant. About three quarters of the land of Japan is made of forests and mountains. Japan’s population is mostly urban and there are large cities. The Tokyo-Yokohama urban area is the largest area in the world (about 38 millions). Osaka and Nagoya are also large cities respectively. Japan is a liberal democracy, a constitutional monarchy on the model of the United Kingdom. Its current constitution was made in 1947. It defines parliamentary system and guarantees fundamental rights. Japan is a developed country – the fifth largest importer and exporter in the world. It is a major industrial and economic power, 3rd largest economy in terms of GDP. Japanese companies are among the world’s largest and most profitable ones, among which Honda, Toyota, Hitachi, Softbank, Canon, Mitsubishi and Toshiba. Japanese education system is excellent. As of 2013, Japan had 2 universities ranked in the World’s top-30, 3 in the top-100, 9 in the top-200. Japanese people benefit from a universal health insurance system. Life expectancy in Japan is the highest of the world. Japan is one of the top of research in various fields, and it has produced many Nobel Prize laureates (22 since 1949).

There are many reasons to study in Japan. The first and foremost is the cultural experience. When you study in Japan you will experience a unique cultural experience with one foot firmly rooted in East Asian culture and the other influenced by Western culture embracing all the modern technologies.  For instance the Japanese pop culture is a huge hit and attracts loads of youth all around the world with strong appeal of Japanese fashion yet at the same time Japan is also a very traditional society where job applications are written by hand and salaries often are paid in cash. Simple things that you can do online in many countries might require a personal visit to an office in Japan.

Japan is also the home of some of the world’s leading tech and car companies such as Sony, Nikon, Canon, Hitachi, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan etc. Just going to the toilet in Japan can be a technological experience. So studying in Japan will help you explore a new dimension and bring out the creative side of you.

Japan is a very safe country with low crime rates and most people are very polite. They also expect you to behave in the same way, but you can get away with a lot if you look like a foreigner. Nowhere else can offer you such food and service, such unlimited shopping and crazy activities in such a safe and polite environment.

You will however require to study Japanese language to study in Japan. The country offers part time work to students and it will be easy to find jobs once you can communicate the Japanese Language.  Students from Nepal usually study for 12 to 15 months in Japanese Language Schools, and after learning the language they can start higher education in different universities.

Top 5 Reasons to Study in Japan

  • Technologically advanced Education System
  • 28 Hours part-time work allowed
  • Generous Scholarships Schemes
  • Post Graduate employment opportunities.
  • Experience the rich Japanese culture and food.


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