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Visa Processing Step By Step

France Visa Processing Step By Step (VLS-TS Visa)

  1. All the documents should be submitted to the college. The documents include:-
  • Passport copy
  • Recommendation letter from college (2)
  • Resume
  • Passport size photo (with a white background)
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Mark sheets and passing certificates for all these levels:
  • School
  • High School
  • Degree
  • IELTS not mandatory
  • Work Experience
  • Any other certificates
  • Birth Certificate

NOTE:- All documents should be in PDF format. Each page of the document should be in a separate PDF file. All documents should be sent in a single mail. Do not send different documents as it creates confusion. All the documents have to be submitted at the very earliest to avoid deadline hassle.

  1. Once the applicant’s documents are checked and verified, the applicant will have to attend two interview rounds. Date and time for the interview will be informed in advance. Interview will be on Skype call or Mobile Call / Video call or Voice Call. Applicants are requested to provide a steady contact number, e-mail Id right from the beginning in their Application form and Resume. After successful interview, the applicants will receive a Conditional Offer Letter from the college. This letter means that the applicant has been accepted in the college as a student.
  2. After receiving offer letter students have to pay 1 year college fee and 290 euros administrative cost through Bank transfer to the College account before the given deadline as per Conditional Offer Letter. Admission letter will be sent once the fee payment is done.
  3. Applicant has to go to Campus France and book interview date. Long Term visa application form has to be filled. (2 passport size photo Size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm, with clear background. Download the application form on the http://www.vfs-france.co.in/downloadvisaforms.html. They will call you for the interview and the student has to go personally for the interview. Student must take all the documents original + 2 copies (admission letter, accommodation letter, relation certificate, bank balance at least 30-35 lakhs with statement of 3 months, property valuation, income certificate, tax clearance certificate, police report, medical report), Flight reservation paper. Questions like Why France? Why this course? Why this university? Similar type of questions is asked.
  4. Verified Documents copies are to be left their after the interview. Sometimes interview are taken from the Delhi embassy as well.
  5. After interview student must go to VFS and do biometrics.
  6. Visa fees 99 euros ( NPR 12487.52) + VFS service charge


Visa processing time: 2 weeks of working days.

If visa is accepted there will be stamp in passport, if there is no stamp then the visa has been rejected.

Living expenses 850-1000 euros per month.

Students can work 20 hours per week.



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