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University Admission

With so many institutions in Australia, and so many courses to opt for, selecting the right university or college could be a daunting task. This is where GEMS will step in to guide in one of the most crucial decision in your life.

GEMS has over 10 years of experience working with international students who choose Australia for higher education. Our team of professional counsellors has helped thousands of aspiring students to choose their career and education path by placing them in reputable universities and colleges across Australia. At GEMS, we offer you useful study abroad application tips and guidance that help you get admitted to institute of your choice with ease.

How do we get started?

Step 1: Counselling

First you can visit or call us our office in Putalisadak to talk to our highly qualified educational counsellor to walk us through your interest and needs. Based on your academic qualification, career goals, interests, financial status, and work experience, our counsellors will help the student choose the right course at the right university or college.

Step 2: English Test

To study in Australia in any course and any institute you will have to meet English requirement. The requirement will depend upon the field of study, level of study and institution/ University selected. The counsellors will guide you about the requirement for each individual. We also provide IELTS classes if you have not given any form of test or  would like to improve your score then,  you can  join our English Classes with our qualified tutor.

Step 3: University / Course Selection

After gaining the required results for English Test we will help you select the right university/institute by analysing your interests and requirements. The academic counsellors will shortlist a number of appropriate universities for the student after analysing their profile. This decision of what and where to study should be analysed with much attention as overseas education does not come cheap.  However, counsellors here at GEMS will assist you with the best option in the interest of the student.

Step 4: Document editing, review and submission

After selecting where to study you must organise documents so that you can meet the GTE requirement. This will include writing SOP, financial documents, academic documents, and other relevant documents according to your situation. Our professional counsellors will guide you across the whole procedure. GEMS will then apply to the chosen course provider and get the OFFER LETTER. Please check our Document Checklist to see the list of required documents.

Step 5: Visa Application

After getting the offer letter one will need to make the payment and the college will send the COE (Confirmation of Enrolment). After this we can apply for your student visa. After the visa application Australian High Commission may contact you for further documents or can also interview you if they would require any further information. We can help the students by providing mock interview sessions with a panel of probable questions, and also suggest for the best possible way for giving the interview to universities which require one. The interview preparation sessions are conducted by professional who have experience in interview techniques and the scope of questions that university usually asks.

Step 6: Departure Briefing

After you visa is granted we will brief you about what are the things that you need to take care of while in Australia. We will guide you how to get jobs in Australia, help organise homestay if you need one.

At GEMS Group, we have visa counselling services that help students submit the right documents to lower the chances of visa refusal. Our consultant will also guide the students through the key aspects of any interview that you may face with the High Commission or Embassy.



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