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Gems Group Services

About us

Gems Group Services was established in Nepal with a crystal clear motive to provide
student easy pathways to those who endeavor to pursue quality education around the
globe. It is a highly reputed educational consultancy in New Baneshwor, which is the
main hub for students keen to study overseas. This educational consultancy is officially
registered under the Government of Nepal.
Under the banner of Abcube Academic Solutions which was established in 2008 in
Sydney, we have been providing proper consultation for students regarding higher
education in different countries such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Canada,
USA and many more. Our team is run by highly trained and qualified individuals, experts
in educational, migration and career counseling services for abroad studies. Thus, we
not only provide guidance but also assist our clients with the worldwide network to
provide prompt solutions to their individual problems.

Who are we?
Gems Group Services representing overseas universities in Nepal, has a long standing
reputation of being one of the most comprehensive study abroad consultancy in Nepal,
founded in the year 2008 Sydney and dedicated to work for the interest of the students
who aspire to their future education abroad. Global Education & Migration Services is
providing professional counseling and documentation support to the students who plan
to study in countries such as Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spain, UK,
Malta, Canada, USA, New Zealand and South Africa. Our team has expert counselors
with knowledgeable options and career suggestions for abroad studies.

Our Journey
The director of our company Mr. Bibudh Luitel started working as an educational
consultant for over 12 years. He founded AB cube Academic Solutions in Australia in
the year 2008 with a goal of creating an easy pathway and acting as a network for
international students so that they can achieve their education target. We have been
operating as Global Education & Migration Services in Nepal as well.

Our Vision
Gems Group Services runs with a perception of being recognized as an impactful,
innovative, and efficient advising partner by providing quality educational services to the
students who aspire to pursue their future education and experiences overseas by
assisting them to select the right institute and career path for them so that they can
reach their education target. Excellence in business ethics and high standard of service
are our ultimate objective.

Our mission
● To provide right guidance, information and counseling.
● To enable students to achieve their dreams and reach their potential in
whatever they aim to do.
● To recommend the right course for the right candidate after analyzing their
skills, educational and financial background.
● To encourage all students to aim high in whatever they do, and to impose no
limits on students ambitions.
● To provide valid and up-to-date information and details of the course of the
Australian education system.



GEMS Group Services